Reception Ceremony for New Students of the National E-Learning University

Prof. Yasser Magdy Hatata, President of Fayoum University, and Prof. Hesham Mohamed Abdel Salam, President of the National E-Learning University, witnessed the reception ceremony of new students of the National E-learning University (Fayoum University Center). In the presence of Prof. Mohamed Farouk Ali, Vice President for Education and Student Affairs, Prof. Arafa Sabry Hassan, Vice President for Postgraduate Studies and Research, Dr. Mohamed Ali Agha, General Coordinator of Fayoum University E-Learning Center, and a number of faculty members, The staff and students present.
Prof. Yasser Magdy Hatata confirmed the support of the Fayoum University administration to the students of the Egyptian E-learning University, and providing all their needs inside the university, praising the fruitful cooperation between Fayoum University and the National Electronic University in providing modern scientific programs that keep pace with the requirements of the labor market.
He directed the students to think in a different way to create a better future and to compete in the local and global labor market. Additionally, he praised Fayoum University Center for E-Learning, which includes 300 students in the Faculties of Computers and Information Technology, and Business Studies and Business Administration.
While Prof. Hesham Mohamed Abdel Salam explained that the university stage is of great importance in the lives of students, as students gain new experiences and life experiences and contribute to building their personalities.
He spoke about the education system at the Egyptian National E-Learning University, which is known as the hybrid education system, which combines attendance at the university, receiving some lectures remotely, in addition to preparing projects, various recreational activities and entrepreneurship.
On his part, Dr. Mohamed Ali Agha, clarified that the study programs at the Egyptian University for e-learning are competitive and required in the labor market locally and internationally, and explained that the certificate obtained by students is accredited by Fayoum University and Natinal University.
He instructed the students to adhere to attending lectures, practicing activities, and respecting the professors and the traditions of the university community.