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Author(s): Ahmad AL-SHOKY
Journal: SHEDET(Annual Peer-Reviewed Journal Issued By The Faculty Of Archaeology, Fayoum University)
Issue: 6 Date: 2019
Pages: 116-133
Cite as: Ahmad AL-SHOKY(2019).A NEW VISION ABOUT HANDS’ DRAWING IN THE ARAB PAINTING. SHEDET(Annual Peer-Reviewed Journal Issued By The Faculty Of Archaeology, Fayoum University), 6 (2019) pp. 116-133.10.36816/shedet.006.07


A new vision about hands’ drawing in the Arab painting



The Arab Painting School is one of the most important artistic of Islamic painting. Therefore, there have been a lot of studies about its representatives in term of classification of their images, their artistic characteristic and methods. However, none of these studies clearly indicates the different patterns of painting hands in this school, some of which were carried out in a number of scenarios in a manner contrary to logic, which is reflected in many of the paintings, and the remarkable thing here is that this difference may be drawn in the hands of one person only while drawing the rest of the hands of the characters in the same visualization in a correct and logical manner. All of that confirms the painter’s knowledge of the correct technique of hands drawing, and it is also likely that there is a certain reason behind the drawing of the hand of this person in a different way to reality. This study traces and includes these models to discover the nature of this method, and to explain the reasons which propelled the painters of the Arab Painting School to implement it in their various images.

Arab Painting School, Hands Drawings, Egypt, Mamlūk Painting


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