Faculty of Archaeology

Faculty Establishment

The Faculty of Archaeology, Fayoum University, was declared independent from the mother Faculty of Archeology, Cairo University, under the presidential decree No. 193 of 2005. The Faculty comprises three academic departments: Department of Egyptology, Department of Islamic Archaeology and Department of Restoration

Political leadership when she saw the establishment of a branch of the University of Cairo, Fayoum, Bearing in mind the many socio-economicfactors , This is in addition to the cultural dimension that is characteristic of Fayoum

In the twenty-seventh of the month of August 1994, A decision was Mr. Prof. Dr. / Chairman of the Supreme Council of Universities, No.29. The establishment of the Faculty of Archaeology, Cairo University, Fayoum Branch,The study began from 1994/1995 academic year,Yet graduated fourteen boost

The faculty has been the establishment of research centers and maintenance of monuments, as a special unite follows the Faculty of Archaeology in Fayoum.

It has also been the establishment of a center for the computer and the Internet at faculty, A grant to the faculty of the Ministry of Communications, with15 automatically connected to a computer with high-speed Internet network, So as to serve the educational process and research to serve the environment as well.