Faculty of Archaeology


 The inside regulation for the system of the approved hours of the academic programs of the faculty of archaeology- fayoum university.
(Bachelor stage)

The organized rules of the faculty program:

The faculty granted the bachelor’s degree in the following specialists:

 Egyptian archaeology

Islamic archaeology

Archaeology’s reparation

Greek and Romanian archaeology

The faculty granted the master and PHD degree in the previous specialists.

The faculty granted diploma in the following specialists:

Egyptian diploma

Islamic diploma

Archaeology’s reparation diploma

Greek and Romanian diploma

The approved hour is a studied unit of measurement to determine the weight of every course according to the others courses. It equal theoretical lecture fortheoretical one hour in the week or a laboratory trainings for two hours in the week or afield trainings for four hours in a week. The semester period is 15 week not include weeks of the final testes.

To get the Bachelor in the Islamic or Egyptian orGreek and Romanian archaeology:

144 approved hours that distributed according to the regulation table. To get the Bachelor in archaeology reparation:

156 approved hours and the studied program divide into four studied levels. Every level contain two semesters. Faculty can determine summer semester for eight weeks according to study conditions and students need. The college council determine the maximum and lowest approved hours that recorded in the summer semesters.

Tests and statements of success and failure:

The college council determine the system testes works and roles of faculty’s members in it.

Students do written exam the end of the semester for two hours including course topics.

Students get the actual degrees that determined by faculty members in the tests and cannot applicable the mercy degrees.

Student is granted the bachelor degree when he success at all courses. The maximum degree for course test is100degree and the smallest degree is 60degree. Student’s success in the courses appreciate according to the following:

Excellent 90% and more than.

Very good 80% to less than 90%.

Good 70% to less than 80%.

Acceptable 60% to less than 70%.

The general appreciation is determined according to the total degrees through the four years of studying. Student fail at in any course that get less than 60 degree and not move to the next level unless he success in all courses or fail in no more than two courses. In this case student do test in these courses with student who study this course. All that should not opposite with the seventh rule of this regulation.

Evaluating system (oral and scientific tests):

1-Student evaluate in all courses from100 degree and evaluating of student in the theoretical and scientific courses is being according to the following:

The semester works that include continues tests, oral test, and the degree of the semester works is 40% from all course that include scientific or field trainings and 30% degree from every theoretical course.

Archaeology’s reparation department specialist in scientific tests that previous the final tests that include scientific approved hours. The degree of this test determine not less than 25%from the total degree of the course (25degree). Student fail in the course if he fail in the scientific test, its degree of success is 60%, and the rest of degrees belong to the continuous tests. In addition to the following, the degree of success at the semester works 60% from the total of the semester works.

For symbol and digital significance of student’s degrees:

Student’s degree appreciate in every course according to the following:

Degree- Points- Symbol- Appreciate

Excellent 4 –A-from 90% to 100%

Very good 9,3 –B- from 80% to less than 90%

Good 9,2-2 –C from 70% to less than 80%

Acceptable 9.1-1 D from 60% to less than 70%

From 0 to less than 60% failed

Total equal points of every courses multi by approved hours.

Student’s degrees in his graduation is being as following:

Degree- Points- Symbol- Appreciate

Excellent 4 –A-from 90% to 100%

Very good 9,3 –B- from 80% to less than 90%

Good 9,2-2 –C from 70% to less than 80%

Acceptable 9.1-1 D from 60% to less than 70%