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Students major in tourist guidance in the second year in the faculty. The University Council, upon the suggestion of the faculty council , approves of the B.S. , M.S. and PH.D in tourist guidance.The study in the department is divided into two parts: the theoretical part and the practical part.
The theoretical part involves lectures and instructions to the students while the practical part involves field visits to the tourist attractions , whether regular visits ( to the Egyptian Museum ), short visits ( to the old Cairo and Fayoum ) or long visits ( to Luxor and Aswan , Minia , Siwa and Alexandria ) .
These visits are often guided by the demonstration and instruction by the specialist and the staff members.The following topics are tought and researched in the department: the history, monuments and civilization of Egypt, the ancient Egyptian religion and literature, the ancient Egyptian language, the modern and contemporary history and monuments of Egypt, tourist guidance skills, arts and architecture, tourist geography.The tourist guidance department in located on the fifth floor in the faculty building .