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The History Department covers fields of modern history, history of the middle Ages, history of the Middle East, Islamic history, International Relations as well as the study of manuscripts. The department has long been interested in graduate studies, encouraging research in all fields covered by the department.
The History Department focuses on the past, studying historical patterns, historical movements, and the rise and fall of civilizations; therefore, it gives scope to the investigation of the present

Building national cadres capable of studying history and producing well-learned graduates able to serve their community and the Arab World.

Preparing a generation of young people adopting the method of criticism and analysis in all aspects of life through the study of national, regional and world history.

Objectives :
1- Students are supposed to study all aspects of human activity since ancient times through the Middle Ages, Islamic and modern times so as to know about the different human cultures.

2 - Development of national awareness among graduates through studying the history of their country and the biographies of leaders to be role models for them.

3 – Helping graduates to be full aware of the contemporary political, economic and social developments by fathoming their historical roots.

4 - Preparation of graduates capable of teaching history at all levels of education.

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