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Quality Assurance Unit
 Project Background :
In addition to being sources of culture and enlightenment, Faculties of Arts in the Egyptian universities are among the public academic institutions upon which the public universities rely in their compositions for the diversity of their programs and commitment to create a balance between the natural sciences, social sciences and humanities.
Moreover, they play a fundamental role in human development, which is the focal point for the overall development. Faculty of Arts, Fayoum University, shoulders the burden of raising the level of human development in the regional community (Fayoum particularly and the Egyptian society in general).
This mission will not be carried out without improving the quality of the services provided and in particular the improvement and development of educational programs, courses, research, studies, and the entire scientific process. Not to mention, the development of management techniques and methods of communication and the development of performance and organizational behavior. Therefore, a mechanism for the development of the activities of the faculty in the field of community service and environmental development will be set, leading eventually to the establishment of an Internal Quality Assurance System.
The Internal Quality Assurance System was established in March 2008.

*Bulletin of Quality Assurance Project of Faculty of Arts

*Action Plan of Strategic Plan of Faculty of Arts

*QAU Achievements


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