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Faculty Council
Prof. Dr. / Atef Mansour Mohamed Dean
prof.Dr/ Mohamed Kamal Khalaf Khalifa Vice Dean for Education and Students Affairs
Prof.Dr/ Ibrahim Sobhy Elsayed Ghander Vice Dean for post- Graduate studies affairs
Prof. Dr. / Nageh Omar Ali Vice Dean for Society service and environmental development
Dr. Maher Ahmed Ahmed Mohamed Eissa Acting president of Egyptology Department
 Dr.Walid Ali Mohamed Mahmoud  President of the Islamic Archaeology department
 Prof.Dr. Nagwa Sayed AbdElRahim Mohammad President of the restoration of monuments Department
A. Prof. Dr. / Manal Abu Al-Qasim Mohammad Acting president of Greek and Romanian Archaeology Department
The oldest professor representative of the professors of the faculty:
  Prof.Dr. Shehata Ahmed Abdel-Rahim  the restoration of monuments Department
 Prof.Dr. Ateef Abdel - DaimAbde–Hai  the Islamic Archaeology department
The oldest assistant professor representative of the assistant professors of the faculty:
Dr. Ayman Abdel-Fattah Hassan Waziry    Egyptology Department
The oldest Lecturer representative of the faculty Lecturers:
 Dr. El-Sayed Said ZakiAboshanab  Islamic Archaeology department
Notice: the board will invite the manager of the quality unite to show topics that belong to the unite .
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