*Egypt’s Grand Mufti Prof. Shawky Allam Visits Fayoum University Tomorrow      *Prof .Zeinab El-Bahy, President of Social Workers Association in Fayoum      *Nomination of 968 Students to Student Union Elections in the Final Lists      *Arabic Handwriting Competition      *Opening Ceremony of the Regional Championship for People with Special Needs
Prof.Dr. Amany Mohamed Kamel Ibrahim Karora Prof.Dr. Gamal AbdEl-Meguid Mahgoub Ahmed
Prof.Dr. Mohamed Kamal Khalaf Khalifa Prof.Dr. Shehata Ahmed Abdel-Rahim
Prof.Dr.Nagwa Sayed AbdElRahim Mohammad Prof.Dr. Mohammad Motamed Meghed Shabaan
Prof.Dr. Abdel Rahman Mohamed Abdel Rahman El-Srougy Prof.Dr. Naglaa Mahmoud Ali Hassan  
  Assistant Professor
Dr.Shaaban Mohamad Mahmoud Abd El-Aal Dr. AbdElRazek AbdElShafy AbdElNabey ElNaggar
Dr. Saleh Mohamad Saleh Ahmed Dr. Hamada Sadek Ramadan Kotb
Dr. Yossr Ez-Elragal Abdel-Latif Dr. Abeer Fouad Abdel-Mo‘ez
Dr. Rasha Taha Abbas Ahmed Dr. Nabil Said Hamed Mabrouk
Dr. Nevein Kamal Fahim Farag Dr. Mohamad Moustafa Mohamad Abd ElMeged
Dr. Sahar Mohamed Esmeal El-Azab Dr. Mohamed Mohamed Abdou Abd El-Bar
Dr. Shrief Eissa  
Assistant Lecturer
Ms.Marwa Sayed Mohamed Abu El-Lief Mr. Madian Hamed Abdel-Hadi
Ms. Heba Sayed Galal Ali Ms. Arzak Abdel-Tawab Abdel-Baseir
Ms.Souty Adel Nassef Beskhyron Ms. Moshira Gamal Mohammed Mohammed
Ms.Seham Ramadan Mahmoud Mr. Abdel Moneim Mohamed Abdel Moneim
Mr. Mahmoud Youssif Abdelwahab Mohammed Mr.Mohamed Refaat Taha Mohamed
Ms.Mariam Ghattas Samy Amin Ms. Dina Nasser Mohamed Abdel-Rahem
Ms. Samah Mahmoud Mohammed Sharaf ElDin


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