University Establishment
 In 1975, Faculty of Education in Fayoum was established as one of the faculties affiliated to Cairo University. Faculty of Agriculture followed in 1976. After that, Faculty of Engineering was established in 1981. In 1983, the presidential decree was issued declaring Fayoum branch as an independent branch of Cairo University.
Finally, the dream of Fayoum people became true with issuing the presidential decree N. 84 dated in 2005 to establish Fayoum University. Then, the presidential decree N.193 dated in 2005 was issued to establish faculties of Medicine and Archeology. Both decrees were crowned with the appointment of Prof. Galal M. Said as a president of Fayoum University. .


 Now, the university includes 13 faculties; Education, Agriculture, Engineering, social Work, Arabic and Islamic Studies, Sciences, Tourism and Hotels, Specific Education, Archeology, Medicine, Arts, Computers and Information, Kindergarten as well as the Technical Institute for Nursing. The university also includes 1800 of faculty members and their assistants teaching 25,000 students..

University Facilities

* The University's Campus that lies on an area of 50 acres and is located in El-Gamaa area.
*The new campus that lies on an area of 100 acres in Kom Oshim Zone, north of Fayoum Governorate.
* The Fayoum University Administration Building which houses the Council Chambers, President, Vice Presidents, and associated support staff.
*The Main Hall with a capacity of 1000 seats and is equipped with the state-of-the-art audio devices, lighting and central air-conditioning.
*The University Housing i.e. Dormitories with a capacity of 4500 students.
*The Central Printing House, the Central Restaurant and the Medical Department.

Futurological Visions

*New faculties such as Physical Education and Assistant Medical Sciences will be established. The current constructions -dormitory for female-students and a new building annexe to Faculty of Tourism and Hotels - will be finalized and the University Hospital and its specialized centers will be upgraded.
* Development of the University Hospital and buildings of faculties of Archeology and Specific Education will be completed.
*The 32,000-square- meter-area allocated to the University on Qaroon Lake will be devoted to new university constructions and activities to serve the tourism sector in Fayoum. Finally, the new site will be designed for the future extensions on an area of 100 acres in the north of Kom Oshim zone.

*Institutionalize and develop a distinguished core academy and diversify its educational services.
*Create a cadre of highly employable graduates imbued with scientific and technical knowledge and ethics.
* Contribute to scientific research nationally and internationally.
* Contribute to community outreach and help enhance the local community.
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