Faculty of Archaeology

Prof.Dr. Walid Ali Mohamed Mahmoud

Contact Information
Phone Number: 084 6300587                          
Fax Number: 084 6302350
E-mail Address: wam00@fayoum.edu.eg*
Office: Bulding Of Faculty Archaeology - Islamic Department
Post Address: Fayoum University - Faculty of Archaeology - Islamic Department - POBox: 63514
Academic Qualifications
B. A.: Islamic Archaeology – Faculty of Archaeology – Cairo University – 1998 .
M. Sc.: MA Preliminary examination - Islamic Archaeology – Faculty of Archaeology - Cairo University – 2000 .
M. Sc.: MA in Islamic Art - Islamic Archaeology – Faculty of Archaeology - Cairo University – 2005 .
Ph.D.: Archaeology - Faculty of History - University of South Union - Federal Republic of Russia – 2010 .
Academic Positions
Demonstrator: From 1998 To 2005 .
Assistant Lecturer:From 2005 To 2010 .
Lecturer:From 2010 to 2015.
Assistant Professor :From 2015 to 2023 .
Professor :From 2023 Until Now .
Academic Rank
Director of the capacity of faculty members and Leadership Development Center from 03/03/2016 until now.
Publication List
Types and forms of “Polychrome Marble Ware” from the Ottoman fortress of Azak in Southern Russia (ceramological study)
The Functional And Morphological Symbolic Significance Of Some Tombstones Models From The Kirklar Cemetery In The Eastern Caucasus.
An archaeological artistic study of two Unpublished Persian ceramic tiles exhibited at the Tariq Rajab museum in Kuwait.
An analytical study of a written inscription from the walls of "Dag Bary" in Dagestan in the name of Caliph Harun al-Rashid and his crown prince dated in 176 Ah (comparative archaeological and artistic study)
Study and publication of an Iranian metal artifacts collection preserved at the Naryn-Kala fortress Museum in Derbend
Teaching the Practical Courses of Islamic Archaeology and Islamic and Coptic Art, Department of Islamic Archaeology, Faculty of Archaeology, Fayoum University - 1998 Now
Leading and Explaining in the Faculty Periodical Field Trips Visiting the Islamic and Coptic Sites all over Egypt - 1998 Now
Russian Language Courses (5 Levels), Russian Cultural Center in Cairo "Excellent" April- Sept 2006
Test of the Russian Language in The Preparatory Faculty in Rostov State University - Russia "Excellent" 2007
Reclassification of Islamic Artifacts in Russian Museums: The Museum Rastov - on - Don - The Museum of the City of Azov -The Museum of City of Novi Charksk. 2008
Scientific Missions and Field Trips to The Republic of Dajstan (City of Derbent), and the Republic of Tatarstan (City of Kazan and Bolgar, and archaeological National Museum), Moscow City (Museum of Moscow), City of St. Petersburg (Museum Hermitage) 2007-2009
Excavation Field Work, in the City of Tanais, Russia, under the supervision of Russian archaeological archaeologist Russian "Maksimanca Vladimir Evgenevich." 2008-2009
Teaching Islamic Arts and History - Islamic Manuscripts and Inscriptions - Faculty of Archaeology - Fayoum University. 2010- Now
Teaching Russian Language - Faculty of Tourism and Hotels - Fayoum University. 2010-Now
Attending the Annual Conferences of the Arab Archaeologists in Cairo - 2000- 2005
Participated in the Third Conference of the graduate students at the Southern Federal University, in Azov, Russia, entitled "Historical and Archaeological Studies of Areas of Don River ". Paper title: "Styles of art and architecture of the mosques of the Middle Ages in southern Russia applied on selected models" Published in the Journal of the Faculty of History, University of Southern Russia 2008 - 2007
Participated in the International Scientific Conference "Dialogue of cultures in the steppes of Eurasia". Paper Title: "The spread of Islam in Dagestan in the Middle Ages" Published in the Journal of the Museum of Russian city of Azov 2009 - 2008
Published a paper entitled: "The Mosque City of Derbent and the Mosque of Ibn Tulun in Cairo - Compared Archaeological Study." in the Commemorative Issue of the Russian Archaeologist "V. E. Maksimenka". - 2008
Participated in the Fourth International Conference at the University of Stavrabol Russian. Paper title: "The Gravestones in the Medieval City of Derbent," Published in the International Journal of Higher Education Institutions "North Caucasus". - 2009
Gave a Public Lecture in the Faculty of Archaeology – Fayoum University, entitled "Methodology of Education in Russia" within the Framework of Cultural activity for the Faculty Assessment Unit. - 2010
Participated in the thirteenth Conference of the General Union of Arab Archaeologists, Libya. Paper title: "The Remaining Islamic monuments in the city of Bolgar Tatarstan, Russia," - 2010
Participated in the Annual International Conference "Science and Cultural Organization", Faculty of History, SFU, Russia. Paper title: "Islamic architectural styles in the North Caucasus, Egypt. A comparative analysis". 2011
Computer Course in the Centre for Computing and Information - Cairo University. 2001
TOEFL - Score 500 - 2003
6 Courses in the Faculty Leadership and Development Program, Fayoum University http://www.ncfld.org/ - 2010
14-Days Course Preparation the University Lecturers, Fayoum University. - 2010
International Computer Driving License ICDL - 2010
Member in the General Union of the Arab Archaeologists 2000- Now
Member in the Geogrphical Society of Historical Studies 2001- Now
Member of the Organization Committee for the Annual Conferences "Fayoum Throughout Ages", Fayoum University - 2001-2005
Member of the Organization Committee for the Annual Conferences "El-Behera Throughout Ages", Tanta University - 2003
Participating in the Archaeological Training Lectures for the Russian Students, Faculty of Archaeology, Cairo University - 2003-2004
Recording Series of scientific meetings in El-Tanweer TV Channel in the Program "Memory of the Nation"; ESC TV Channel, Program of "Café"; Channel of Higher Eduacation, Program "return from abroad,"Writing Articles in the Egyptian press in the field of Islamic Archaeology 2005-2010
Member of the Association of Graduates from Russian Universities in Cairo -2010
Member of the Association of Egyptian Archaeologists -2010
Member and the Secretary of the Islamic Archaeology Department Council, Faculty of Archaeology, Fayoum University. - 2010
Coordinator of the Student Social Party "Pharaohs" - 2010
Member of the committee of Preparing the Biography of the Faculty of Archaeology - Fayoum University, within the Framework of the Program and Quality Assurance Unit. - 2010
General Coordinator of Student Activities, Faculty of Archaeology, University of Fayoum. - 2010
Permanent Member of the Committee of Social Service. - 2010
Permanent Member of the Faculty Library Committee - 2010
Arbitrator of the Student Union Committee and the Commission on the Ideal Student's Choice - 2010
Supervisor of the Faculty Staff Unit (MIS) - 2010
Second Supervisor on Two PhD Dissertations in Islamic Arts, Cairo University. - 2010
Arabic - Native
Russian Excellent
English Very Good