*Participation of the College of Dentistry in the Geniuses League competition      *The Administrative Body Criterion Team Meets with Directors of the Administrative Units and Heads of Faculty’s Administrative Departments      *Congratulations to Prof. Mamoun Abdel Halim Wajih      *Fayoum University is Among the Top 7.1% Universities and Among the Top 2000 Universities in the World According to the CWUR      *Beginning of entrance exams for postgraduate students
Assistant Professor
Dr.Mohamed Helmy AbdelAziz Khafaga Dr.Shereen Aly Mohamed Taie
Dr. Abdullah Mahmoud Shuaib Dr.Hussien Oakasha Mohamed
Dr.Massoud Ismail Massoud Dr. Hisham Abdelazeem Ismail Mohamed Kholidy
Dr.Ayman Antar Al-Helbawy Dr. Ahmed Mohammad Sadiq Saleh
Dr. Hewida Youssri Abdel-Nabi Sayed Dr. Shereen Ahmed Mohamed Hussien
Assistant Lecturer
Eng.Karim Azzedine Rabee Mr. Abdul Rahman Al Sayed AlShafei
Eng. Basma Hassan Kamal Mr.Mohammed Fawzi Fahmi Hassanain
Mr. Hussien Shahata Abdel Azez Abdullah Ms.Esraa Mohammed Hashem Ahmed
Ms.Asmaa Reda Mohamed Mohamed Ms. Fawzya Ramadan Sayed Hassan
Ms.Hadeer Mostafa Saied Tolba  
Mr. Mahmoud Mohamed Ahmed Badry Ms.Gehad Hasan Abas Salim
Mr. Mostafa Abdel Ghafar Zaki Ms. Samar Shaaban Abdel Fattah
Ms.Mai Omar Ahmed El-Dash
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