Labyrinth Fayoum Journal of Science and Interdisciplinary Studies

Peer Review Process

The review process for papers
Double Blind Peer Review Labyrinth:
 Fayoum Journal of Science and Interdisciplinary Studies pays great attention to the role of peer review.

Reviewers evaluate the article upon An assessment form includes the reviewing criteria of the Journal as follows:

• Importance / Originality
• Methodology
• Bibliography; both print and digital
• Language and the extent to which subjects of the paper are harmonic with one another
• Results

 1. Two reviewers are selected for the paper; at least one is from outside the Journal’s community (University, Editorial board, and advisory board).
2. The researcher receives the response of the reviewers: the evaluation, the paper, and the attached report, (if applicable).
3. If the reviewers respond by accepting, the paper is accepted for publication and a letter of acceptance is extracted in English.
4. If the reviewers respond by refusing, the paper will be rejected without a refund of the reviewing fees.
5. If one of the two reviewers refuses and the other accepts, a third reviewer shall be chosen to separate, considering the report of the third reviewer the editorial committee gives the final decision.

1. The Author submits his research article through our journal’s online submission system. He will need to register for an account to do this.
2. Once his account is set up, he will need to continue the submission process.
 3. JOURNAL CHECK: The paper will then be checked by the journal Editor to see if it fits with the aims and scope of the journal.
4. If OK, it will enter it into a rigorous, double-blind peer review process which considers the quality, originality, approach and clarity of the paper.

1. Once the reviewers (from two to three reviewers) have reviewed the manuscript, they will make one of the following recommendations:
2. "Accept", "Minor revisions", "Major revisions", or "Reject". The final decision will be decided by the Editorial committee.
3. Reviewer feedback on the paper will be provided to the corresponding author

The author will receive an email from the Editor containing the final decision.If the author is asked to make revisions, he has two weeks to resubmit for minor revisions, and three weeks to resubmit for major revisions. Once he has resubmitted his paper, it will be reassigned to the same reviewers if they check whether their comments have been addressed. If sufficient improvements have been made, the paper will be accepted. If not, he may be asked to perform multiple revisions or have his paper refused.