*Participation of the College of Dentistry in the Geniuses League competition      *Beginning of entrance exams for postgraduate students      *The Faculty of Dentistry - Fayoum University organizes a visit for students of Manarat Al-Andalus Private Schools Complex in Fayoum      *Meeting of the Administrative and Academic Council for Joint Programs Between Fayoum University and the Egyptian National E-Learning University      *Conclusion of the training program for the Women Leading Egyptian Governorates Program
Prof.Dr. El-Sayed Rafai Khafaga Prof.Dr. Mohammad Ibrahim El-Rafai
Prof.Dr. Mohammad El-Khaleely Barakat Prof.Dr. Ahmed Abdel-Man'am El-Shiwy
Prof.Dr. Saad El-Din Abdel-Wahab Mohammed Prof.Dr. Toba Abu El-Sou'd
Prof.Dr. Farouk Mohammed Gad_allah Prof.Dr. Ramadan Abd El-Aziz Medani
Prof.Dr.Mohamed Ahamed Seif El-Yazal Prof.Dr. Emad Fathy Mohamed Dwidar
prof.Dr. Mostafa Mohamed Radi Prof.Dr. Osama Youssif Shalaby
Prof.Dr. Ramdan Abdel-Azem Agmi Prof.Dr. Abdel-Radi Taher Bakir Mohammed
  Assistant Professor
Dr. Abdel-Radi Taher Bakir Mohammed Dr. Mohammad Ahmad Ali Hassan
Dr. Gamal Farag Mohammed Farag Dr. Ragab Salama Taha Gad elrab
Dr. Atef Mohammad Mohammed Dr. Hoda Mohammad Heussin
Dr. Safeya Mahmoud Abdel-Magid Dr. Sameh Abd el-Kareem El-naggar
Assistant Lecturer
Mr.Ali Ashour Shaban Sayed Mr.Ibrahim Abdel Khalek Abdel Mawla
Ms.Fatma Sayed Shaban Salem Mr.Hussien Embaby El-sayed Belal
Mr. Ahmed Sabra AbdelHady Abdelsalam Ms. Heba Mohamed Ahmed
Ms. Ola Ali Eid Ali  Ms. Ola Muhammed Ahmed
Ms. Hadeer Hanady Amr Ali
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