Faculty of Archaeology
  Practical Training of Egyptology Department Students, Third Semester

Subject: Prehistoric times and the beginning of the dynasties
Course code: 211 ?
Date: Wednesday 30-11-2022
Training location: Egyptian Museum
Field visit activities:
Prof. Najeh Omar, the course professor, developed a field visit plan for the students of the third semester in order to apply what was explained in the lectures in application to (Jabal Qatrani Reserve - Wedan El-Faras Quarry - Petrified Forest - The area of the first species of genera - The Qasr Al-Sagha area - Dime Al-Sebaa), in coordination with the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities and the Fayoum Antiquities District, with the participation of Dr. Khaled Saad, Director of the General Administration of Prehistoric Antiquities at the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities.
The visit activities started at the Jabal Qatrani Reserve, the Wedan El-Faras area, and the Petrified Forest, where the primitive tools of prehistoric man, the geological formations, and the sequence of genera were identified. Following this, the students discussed how to date the artifacts found at the site according to what they studied theoretically in the lecture hall.
Then the students were divided into a number of groups in order to give the students the skills of teamwork and searching for information while investigating and researching the distinctive historical features of the different periods in prehistoric times, such as the Neolithic, Chalcolithic, and the various Naqada eras, all the way to the pre-dynastic era.
This was followed by discussing the topics assigned to each group separately and learning about the questions directed to and from each group in order to provide students with the skills of discussion, innovation, and finding appropriate explanations for each question.
After that, the groups were asked to prepare their own report and submit the report to the course professor.