Faculty of Archaeology
  Field Training for Egyptology Department in Saqqara Region

Field training location: Saqqara
Date: Wednesday, 1-12-2022
Training activities:
The course professors developed a plan to conduct field training for the students of the third semester in order to apply what was explained in the lectures. The students were divided into groups, each group had a specific task, so that they would acquire the skill of teamwork during the training. Following this, the groups investigated and researched the points that were assigned to them to identify the distinctive architectural features of the Old Kingdom era and the transition from adobe and plant architecture to stone architecture in the Third Dynasty and the stages of development of the royal cemetery up to the Sixth Dynasty, applying to the pyramidal group of King Unas and the pyramidal group of King Titi in order to provide students with the skill of searching for information.
Thereafter, the accompanying members of the supporting body, namely Professor Ali Hamdi and Professor Kholoud Khaled, reviewed the tombs of individuals during the Fifth and Sixth Dynasties in application of the tombs of Teti and Mereruka, and identified the questions directed to and from each group in order to give the students the skill of discussion and attempt to innovate and find appropriate explanations for each question.
A number of students in each group also explained some of the architectural elements on the site, which contribute to acquiring students the skills of site work and guidance.
After that, all the groups were assigned to make their own report and submit them to the subject professor, who will submit them after correcting Dr. Muhammad Mustafa, the field training officer at the faculty.