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04/12/2012 Conference on "Arabic and Islamic Studies: Heritage and Renewal"
26/11/2012 3rd Department of Islamic Philosophy International Conference Program
19/11/2012 3rd Department of Islamic Philosophy International Conference
11/09/2012 Personal interviews for graduate students scheduled
13/09/2012 3rd Department of Islamic Philosophy International Conference
02/07/2012 SAEP: First Conference for University Students
09/04/2012 Seminar on Constructive Dialogue
14/12/2011 Naguib Mahfouz Centennial Celebration
11/12/2011 3rd Phase of Quality Assurance Students’ Projects opens
30/10/2011 Department of Islamic Philosophy 2nd International Conference
04/10/2011 Voting for dean position starts Saturday
25/09/2011 Elections Committee: Proxy voting is not allowed
04/07/2011 Seminar by Candidates for Dean Position
21/09/2011 Dean Elections: Invitation to vote
20/09/2011 Appeals regarding candidates for dean invited
18/09/2011 Candidates for Dean to Review their Platforms
08/09/2011 Faculty Board to hold a meeting
15/09/2011 Nominations for Supervisory Committee on Faculty Leaders Elections Invited
09/06/2011 Department of Literature Board to Hold a Meeting
09/06/2011 Criteria for distributing third year students
25/09/2011 Free courses for academic staff
06/07/2011 Two courses on academic advising and support
29/06/2011 Province-wide Literacy Program Launched
01/05/2011 Department of Islamic Law First International Conference Postponed
01/03/2011 Grammar and Grammar Analysis Course
01/05/2011 Registration Now Open for TAFL Program
01/05/2011 Courses on Hebrew and Persian Languages