Alumni Affairs

Preparing adequate statistical data on university college graduates, their various specializations, and year of graduation.

Reviewing requests to amend graduate and student data and preparing the necessary notes in this regard for presentation to the competent authorities. Reviewing the original and temporary graduation certificates and ensuring the integrity of the data recorded and taking measures to approve them by officials before authenticating them from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which is submitted for work to bodies outside the Arab Republic of Egypt.

Reviewing the data of granting graduates academic degrees to all university colleges graduates in editorial statements and graduate patent lists before starting to write them and that these data are correct and decided by the competent authorities to take the procedures for their approval.

Keeping a copy of the results of the bachelor’s and bachelor’s level examinations and keeping the graduate status sheets received from the colleges.

Doing all written actions.

Taking measures to hand over certificates issued in the faculties of the university.

In agreement with the Supreme Council of Universities, certificates in a specific form are being developed that are difficult to forge.

Receive colleges' proposals on developing systems and regulations for graduates, the relationship between the university and its graduates, and preparing for the labor market.

Receiving stamped patents and keeping them until they are released.

Informing colleges of ministerial decisions and instructions received from the Supreme Council of Universities and taking executive measures to implement the decisions of the University Council and the Council of Education and Student Affairs in relation to graduates and awarding academic degrees.