Registration affairs

Receive the colleges ’proposals on defining the proposed preparation for the bachelors and bachelor’s stages.

Preparing adequate statistical data on students admitted and registered in colleges in the bachelor and bachelor's levels.

Carrying out electronic coordination work (where four electronic coordination sites were opened, namely the Laboratory of the College of Agriculture - Engineering - Science - University City)

Transferring the registration of Egyptian students from inside the republic and preparing the special notes required for previous and recent high school years with the approval of the Coordination Office and the Supreme Council of Universities, and accepting disabled and blind students and higher qualifications who hold diplomas Equalization from previous years and those who have exhausted the chances of failing according to the decisions of the Supreme Council in this regard.

Accepting and transferring the registration of Egyptian students who have been dismissed from military colleges due to lack of validity for military life or because they have exhausted their chances of failing in light of the laws and rules regulating this.

Prepare notes for changing the names of students enrolled in the faculties of the university and present them to the competent authorities.

Conducting periodic follow-up on the work of students 'affairs in colleges based on students' files and records, following up on the implementation of laws and regulations regarding registration and notifying colleges of the decisions and rules regulating this.