faculty of agriculture


The Plant Protection Department (PPD)had started early since the Faculty of Agriculture at Fayoumwas established in 1976.The PPD has three specialized branches, i.e. Agricultural Zoology, Economic Entomology and Pesticides. Post-graduate studies had begun at 1981-1982. The 1st Master degree (Pesticides) in this dept. was given to Mr. Ibrahim H. Hussein at Aug 8th, 1989, while the1st PhD degree(Economic Entomology) was given to Mrs. Seham S. El-Gendy at 9th May, 1988. The 1st BSc degree (Plant Protection) was graduatedin 1986-1987. Prof. Makram A. Hannawas the 1sthead of the dept.followed by professors; Ali H. El-Hemisy (late professor), Mohamed H. Abdella(late professor), Ahmed A. Etman, Farouk F. Moustafa (late professor), Sanaa A. Haroun, Helmy A. Ghoniemy,Fatma M. Ibrahim, Ibrahim H. Hussein, Narmin A. Yousef, respectively. Recently, Prof. Ayman A. Owayss is the head of the dept. from Sep 16th, 2020until now. The PDD gives BSc (credit hours) in plant protection in participation with Plant Pathology Branch (Botany Dept.). Furthermore, the PDD gives a post-graduate Diploma in Apiculture and Sericulture.The PPDiswell equippedwith teaching and research laboratories for both under-graduate and post-graduate students. The PPD participates in national and international research projects; in addition,the dept. arranges training and study courses in all its branches for scholars from the dept. and from other teaching and research institutes.The PPD is well aware of the importance of applied and field training skills to its graduates. Hence, the dept. helps in the development of the Fayoum societyby presenting scientific and trainingconsultations.Graduates and postgraduates of the dept. are qualifiedtowork in different fields such asdemonstrators in the dept., researchersin the Agriculture Research Center, Ministry of Agriculture, the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology, Ministry of Education, pesticide companies and agricultural projects.