faculty of agriculture

Vision and Mission


The Faculty of Agriculture, Fayoum University, is an educational institution that provides society with distinguished graduates, scientific researches, and training and guidance services that conform to progress and development in that field of agriculture knowledge and the preservation of environment.


Fayoum Faculty of Agriculture offers distinguished opportunities for higher agricultural education and helps to develop knowledge, skills and expertise in all spheres related to agriculture, according to academic criteria. Egyptian and non- Egyptian students can avail themselves of those opportunities and quality for active participation in the agriculture development plans.

The Faculty aims at the sustainable development of agriculture and related sciences through scientific, participation in the development of society by suggesting scientific solution to its agricultural problems, holding training courses and providing technical consultations to raise the standard of performance in agricultural institutions.

The Faculty mission also aims at a widespread agricultural experience, enlightening the surrounding community through cultural and social activities and developing and spreading awareness of environmental problems.