faculty of agriculture

Faculty Establishment

Faculty Establishment

* The faculty was established by virtue of the Prime Minister's Decision no.1142 of 1976.
* The study began with the beginning of the academic year 1976/1977 and the first class graduated in the academic year 1979/1980.
* The post-graduation studies for M.Sc. and Ph.D.theses began in the academic year 1981/1982
*Within the policy of enhancing and upgrading the higher education in Egypt, the Supreme Council of Universities in its session held on Jan 7th of 1989 agreed upon the new law of the faculty. Moreover, the Cabinet's Decision no. 14 of Jan 4th,1990 dealing with the law was issued, in which some scientific departments, branches, diplomas, curricula and some study contents for both the bachelor and post-graduate studies have been developed to catch up with the scientific developments and environment needs.

* The faculty began with six academic departments which were:
1-Land & Water
2-Animal Production
3- Plant Production
4- Agricultural Industries
5-Agricultural Economics
6- Plant Production

* At the present time, the faculty is composed of 13 departments which are:
1-Land &Water
2- Agricultural Economics
3- Dairy
4- Animal Production
5- Poultry Production
7- Nutrition Sciences and Technology
8-Agricultural Biochemistry
9-Crops Scinces (Agronomy)
10-Agricultural Microbiology
13-Plant Protection

In 1987, the faculty began to issue Fayoum Magazine for Research and agricultural Development specialized in printing original scientific research. Since 1987 up till now the magazine is issued twice annually : in January and July. In June, 2003, the magazine got International Standard Serial Number (ISSN) which is 7790-1110; also it got deposit number in the Egyptian National Library and Archives which is( 12293) of 2003.

* The faculty has two farms: one is located 5 kilometers to the faculty on an area of 28 acres and the other is located on an area of 100 acres ,11 kilometers to the faculty at Demo City. Also, in 1997, the faculty set up two farms for animal production on an area of two and a half acres and two farms for poultry on area of 2 acres which were designed according to the scientific specifications. In 2003, a five- acre fish farm was set up; it is one of the biggest fish farms all over Egyptian faculties of agriculture. These various farms are used to serve the educational, training, extension and research purposes at the faculty.

* The Model Unit for dairy products, inaugurated in November 1996, has been affiliated to the faculty. This unit is oriented to student training in areas of dairy products via using modern technology in order to meet the needs of dormitories ( yogurt – white cheese – solid cheese); moreover, it aims at enhancing client's health and nourishment in the vicinity through providing a healthy product in faculty outlets at acceptable prices.

* In collaboration with the Dutch government, the central lab for soil, water and plant analysis as a specific unit was set up in March, 1998. This lab is supposed to perform analysis of soil, water, plant and fertilizers for highly faculty-funded fees. Moreover, it is supposed to do research and studies and offer consultations and services related to agricultural production areas for peasants, foundations, public bodies, universities, research centers and researchers. To get acquainted with Lab's activities and different analysis price lists , you can visit its website: www.geocities.com/clswpa.

* In April 2004, Faculty of agriculture's unit for baking technology was inaugurated in the campus next to student activity center. It encompasses two bakeries; one for local bread and the other for white bread, desserts and pastry. It is well-equipped with the highly-modern technology used in this field to serve educational purposes, student training and research purposes in fields of enhancing quality of bread and related products. Moreover, unit's products are available to university students and people living around via outlets either faculty outlet or outlet existing in front of the international park.

* Dr. Saad Nassar Hall, inaugurated on March 28, 2001 within faculty celebrations of its silver jubilee , is affiliated to the faculty and is prepared for conferences and seminars. Also, it is equipped with all visual and audio tools.