faculty of agriculture

Faculty Council

Prof. Mahmoud A. Abdelfattah Faculty Dean
Prof.Dr.Gamal Mahmoud Mostafa Vice Dean, Community Service
Prof.Dr. Gamal Farag Mohammed Farag   Vice Dean, Education and Student Affairs
Prof.Dr.Usama Metwali Mohamed Mahmoud   Vice Dean, Graduate Studies and Research
Prof.Dr. Ehab Ahmed Hassan Galal  Professor, Chair, Department of Dairy Science
Prof.Dr. MohamedAhmed Seif El-Yazel   Professor, Chair,  Department of Botany
Prof.Dr. Atef Abdel Tawab Awad Allah  Professor, Chair, Department of Soils and Water
Prof.Dr. Mohamed Saad Behns  Professor, Chair, Department of Poultry Science
Prof.Dr. Ahmed Moawad Imam  Professor, Chair,  Department of Biochemistry
Prof.Dr. Salem Abdel Fattah Mahfouz Salem   Professor, Chair, Department of Agricultural Microbiology
Prof. Enas ElSayed Sadiq  Professor, Chair,  Department of Agricultural Economics
Prof.Dr. Gamal Abd Allah Abdel-Samad  Professor, Chair,  Department of Horticulture
 Prof. Awad Abdel Tawab Mahmoud  Professor, Chair,  Department of Food Science and Technology
 Prof.Dr. Eissa Ahmed Eissa  Professor, Chair,  Department of Food Genetics
 Prof.Dr. Naremin Ahmed Yousef  Professor, Chair,  Department of Plant Protection
 Prof.Dr. Ramadan Mohammad Abou Zied  Professor, Chair,  Department of Animal Production
 Prof.Dr. Osama Abd El-tawab Saudi  Professor, Chair,  Department of Microbiology
 Prof.Dr. Nabel El-saied hafez   Professor, Department of Food Sciences
 Prof.Dr.Mustafa Abdel Makasoud Essa   Professor, Department of BioChmistry
 Prof.Dr. Tarek Abd El Fattah Ahmad Mohamad El Masry   Professor, Department of Horticulture
  Prof . Dr. Ahmed Azmi Etman   Professor, Department of Plant Protection
 Prof.Dr. Mohamed D.H. Dewdar   Professor, Department of Agronomy
 Prof.Dr.Gamal Mahmoud Mostafa   Professor, Department of Animal Production
 Dr. Abdel-Atty Mohamed Ibrahim Khairallah   Professor, Department of Soil Water
 Prof.Dr. Neimate Ali Hassan   Professor, Department of Dairy Science