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 The study began in his department in the academic year 1976/1977. At first, the courses and subjects given were affiliated to Plant Production Department until the academic year 1983/1984 which witnessed the setting up of a department of orchards. This department was committed to study all the courses and subjects related to orchards such as (Fruit – Vegetables – Aromatic and Medicinal Plants). Once the faculty new bylaw issued on January 4th , 1990, a branch affiliated to Orchards Department was constructed at which the students who pass the second year are enrolled to the third year. To obtain the B.Sc. in agricultural sciences, orchards program, the student has to study 25 courses (83 units) during the third and fourth years.

The first group of this department graduated in 1993/1994. The number of the graduates has become 134 until now. For the postgraduate studies, which have begun in 1981/1982, there are 20 courses for the fruit, 10 courses for the vegetables and 11 courses for the ornamental, aromatic and medicinal plants. The M.Sc. and PhD registered students study on of the aforementioned three branches.

The department embraces 19 faculty members and 9 assistant lecturers and demonstrators as follows:
9 professors (5 professors for fruit, 3 for vegetables, 1 for ornamental plants), 6 assistant professors (3 for ornamental plants, 2 for fruit, 1 for vegetables), 3 lecturers (2 for fruit, 1 for vegetables), 5 assistant lecturers (3 for fruit, 1 for vegetables, 1 for ornamental plants), 4 demonstrators (1 for fruit, 2 for ornamental plants, 1 for vegetables)