faculty of agriculture

Dr. Iman Ahmed Abdel-Khalek

Contact Information
Phone Number:084 6356731
Fax Number: 084 6334964
E-mail Address: iaa00@fayoum.edu.eg
Office :Faculty of Agriculture - Horticulture Department
Postal Address : Fayoum - Fayoum University - Faculty of Agriculture - Horticulture Department - POBox: 63514
Academic Qualifications
B.Sc. : Agricultural Sciences - Orchards Department - Cairo Univ - 1976.
M.Sc. : Agricultural Sciences (Fruit) - Cairo Univ - 1981.
ph.D. : Agricultural Sciences (Fruit) -1991 .
Academic Positions
Demonstrator : From 1977 To 1982.
Assistant Lecturer : From 1982 To 1992.
Lecturer : From 1992 To 2010
Assistant Professor: From 2010 Untill now.
Research Interests
Physiology fruits
Propagation fruit trees
Postharvest fruits
List of Publications
  M.A.Fayek, A.M. Sweidan, M.A. Shaheen and I.A. Abd El-Khalik (1981) Dewberry, A new successful fruit crop in Egypt. Zagazig Univ. Fac. of Agric., Egypt.
  M.M.Hassan ; Iman A. Abd El-Khalik and A. I. Abo El –Azayem(2001 ) Salt tolerance of apricot trees. Egypt. J. Hort. 28( 1): 91-99 (2001)
  Hassan, M.M.; Iman A. Abd El-Khalik and Zenab A. Ibrahim (1999) Salt tolerance of the Fayoumi grapevine cultivar. Annals Agric. Ain Shams Univ., Cairo, 44 (2), 717 – 726, 1999
  M. A. Salama, Iman A. Abd El-khalik and Zeinab A.Ibrahim (2002) Studies on the in vitro micro propagation William's banana c.v. Fayoum J. Agric. Res. &Dev. 16 ( 1)162-166. 2002
  M. A. Salama; Iman A. Abd –El- khalik and M. E. Morsi (1996) Physiological and anatomical studies on Annona hard-wood cuttings. Fayoum J. Agric. Res. &Dev. 16 (1)214-227. 1996.
  M. A. Salama; Iman A. Abd –El- khalik; H. El- wakiel and M. E. Morsi (1996) Propagation of guava by stem cuttings. Fayoum J. Agric. Res. &Dev. 16 (1)199-213.1996.
  M. A. Salama; Iman A. Abd –El- khalik; H. El- wakiel and M. E. Morsi (1996) Studies on plum propagation by stem cuttings. Fayoum J. Agric. Res. &Dev. 10(1)228-242. 1996.
  Iman A. Abd El-Khalik; A. I. Abo El –Azayem and A. M. Nail (2007) Irrigation regimes on Seewy date palm trees grown in Fayoum Governorate. The third conf. Fayoum Univ., 12-14 Nov. 2007
  A. I. Abo El –Azayem; Iman A. Abd El-Khalik and A. M. Nail (2007 ) Evaluation of irrigation regimes for seewy date palm trees grown in Fayoum Governorate. The third conf. Fayoum Univ., 12-14 Nov. 2007
  Iman A. Abd El-Khalik (2008) Effect of some pre and post-harvest treatments on the quality of Fayoumi grape during cold storage. Egypt J. Appl. Sci. 23(6B) :696 – 708, 2008.
  M. A. Salama and Iman A. Abd –El- khalik (2002) Invitro propagation of "sweet charlie" strawberry cultivar. Fayoum J. Agric. Res. &Dev. 16 (1) 167-172. 2002
  Eman Ahmed Al Khalek Mohamed : History of Grapes ,2nd Fayoum University Conference for Heritage and Civilization Studies : 25-26 March 2008 :
   Morsi,M.E.,Iman,A.aBD eL-KHALEK.and bZeinab A.Ibrahim.Dept.of Horticulture,Fac.of Agri.,Fayium UNIV.,"EEFECT OF BORON and MOLYDENUM FOLIAR SPRAYS ON GROWTH. YIELD AND FRUIT QUALITY OF "SUPERIOR GRAPEVINE(visits vinifera L)".  , Egypt . fayoum.j.Agric.Res and Div.,vol.23,NO.,1,january.2009
Work Shops
  Intensive English Language Training Program, during 2004 at Fayoum Governorate.
  Teaching methods and curriculum development , by Dr. Kirby Barrick and Dr. Jams Cano on July 24th -27th, 2004 at Palestine Hotel in Alexandria
  “Teaching Methods and Curriculum Development”, on January 13th, 2005 at the Library of the Faculty of Agriculture –Cairo University.
  First U.S. Faculty Development Program, during March 20 –May 1, 2005.This-training program was conducted at the University of Florida –Gainesville and The Ohio state University
  Fundamentals of Horticulture, in Sharm El Sheikh, July 3rd_7th, 2005 by Professor Robbert Skirvin, University of Illinois.
Establishing Student Internship Programs and External Advisory Committee”, in Ain Sokhna during July 30th –August 2nd , 2005 by Professor Kirby Barrick from the University of Illinois and Dr. Shannon Washburn from the University of Florida .
   1st Faculty Development Program, from Fayoum University on August 10th, 2005 by Professor Kirby Barrick from the University of Illinois and Dr. Shannon Washburn from the University of Florida.
  The Faculty of Agriculture at Fayoum University ,successfully formed its External Advisory Committee, conducting its first meeting on December 13, 2005.
   Peer observation for teaching assessment faculty of agriculture, Assiut University, December 29th -30th 2005 by Professor Kirby Barrick.
 Peer Review and Evaluation , Workshop in Ain Sokhna from December 31st to January 1st 2006 by Professor Kirby Barrick.
  Establishing external advisory committees, faculties of agriculture, Egypt on January 4th 2006.
 Fruit tree production , at Novotel, 6 of October City, March 5th -8th , 2006 by Dr. Peter Hirst, Professor in the department of horticulture and landscape architecture, Purdue University.
 Student Internship Programs and outstanding teacher academies , at Mucia Cairo office on March 15th , 2006.
  Developing work plans : assisting farmer groups in Upper Egypt to improve product quality and identify market opportunities market training , workshop , 23rd -25th of March ,2006 at Ain Sokhna Resort .
  Capacity building component professional faculty development, workshop by Dr. Kirby Barrick, April 15th -17th , 2006.
  Results of capacity building training programs in the U.S., on June 16th , 2006 at Fayoum University
  Establishing and administering a career and internship center faculties of agriculture , at the Mucia Cairo office, on September 16th -17th, 2006 by Dr. Kirby Barrick.
   Strategic plan discussion at Fayoum University, on March 13th , 2007 by Dr. John Campbell.
  Higher Agricultural Education Strategic planning , workshop, at the Plan Hotel-Stella Di Mare, at Ain Sokhna during March 14th -16th , 2007 by Dr. John Campbell