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Prof . Dr. Ashraf Abd El- Hafiez Rahil

Contact Information
Phone Number: 084 6356731                          
Fax Number: 084 6334964
E-mail Address:aar00@fayoum.edu.eg
Office: Plant Protection department
Postal Address: Fayoum - Fayoum University - Faculty of Agriculture - Plant Protection Department - POBox: 63514
Academic Qualifications
B. Sc. : Animal Production - Faculty of Agriculture - Cairo University - 1981.
M. Sc. : Zoology - Faculty of Agriculture - Cairo University - 1988.
Ph. D. : Zoology - Faculty of Agriculture - Cairo University "Fayoum branch" - 1993.
Academic Positions
Demonstrator: From 1981 to 1988.
Assistant lecture: From 1988 to 1993.
Lecturer: From 1993 to 2001.
Assistant Professor : From 2001 to 2006.
Professor: From 2006 uptil now.
Academic Rank
20/9/2018 to 30/7/2019:Acting President for Fayoum University.
6/1/2007 - 2010: Vice Dean, Community Service and Environment Development, Faculty of Early Childhood Education.
19/9/2010 -2011: Acting Vice Dean, Education and Students' Affairs, Faculty of Specific Education.
18/12/2011 - 2016: Acting Dean, Faculty of Specific Education.
30/3/2016 to Present: Vice President for Community Service and Environment Development.
List of Publications
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Abdella, M.M.H.; A.A. Etman; M.A. Hanna and A.A.R. Rahil (1991 ) . Biological studies for the true spider Cheiracanthium jovium Denis ( Clubionidae : Araneae ) at different temperatures and relative humidities. Fayoum J. Agric. Res. & Dev. Vol. 5, No . 1, 117 – 134 .
Etman,A.A.; M.A. Hanna; M.M.H. Abdella, and A.A.R. Rahil (1991). Effect of relative humidity and temperature on biology of Steatoda triangulosa Wackenaer (Theridiidae : Araneae). Fayoum J. Agric. Res. & Dev. Vol. 5, No . 1, 179 – 195.
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