Faculty Of Education

Faculty Establishment

The Prime Minister issued the decision no.924 of 1975 to establish the Faculty of Education in Fayoum as a branch of Cairo University. In this way, it was the first faculty to be established in Fayoum Governorate. The building of El-Sadat Military School in Keman was chosen to host the newly created faculty. To help in the development of the faculty, many of the fayoum loyal citizens contributed their efforts and financial support ,being helped by devoted staff and administrators till it reached its complete, advanced current state. The Faculty encompasses a number of buildings containing multiple study halls,labs,offices and gym halls. The faculty campus also includes vast gardens and playgrounds. The first group of students joined the faculty in November 1975. It included 200 students from both Fayoum and Beni Suef Governorates. The first class graduated in1979. The Head of Cairo University permitted the faculty to form its first board ,that met on 22/7/1985 for the first time. The faculty's success in achieving its aims and carrying out its mission, encouraged more students to join in. Following, the faculty planned for and stated new sections that would satisfy the needs of the governorate's schools and provide the required numbers of teachers. Among those sections were geography, French, physics, biology, primary education in addition to other literary and scientific sections. Nowadays, the faculty witnesses a vast enhancement process of its facilities. In this respect, computer labs for different sections, especially mathematics section, were constructed. Other facilities were also added to enable the faculty to carry out its educational mission, and help in serving the local community and the whole society in general. It should be mentioned here, that lately, the faculty managed to win variant competitive development projects aiming at enhancing the educational service provided. To serve the local community, the faculty organized training courses for teachers, supervisors and school principals, in addition to a number of courses for students and teachers interested in training and educating students with special needs. The faculty also trained teachers of mathematics,chemistry,physics,and biology to introduce their subjects in English. In this way; the faculty helped in shaping the working force provided for language and experimental schools. The faculty also takes the burden of helping in the illiteracy efforts of Fayoum citizens, cooperation in that respect with a number of institutions such as Adult Education Authority.