Faculty Of Education

Vision and Mission

Vision :

Faculty of Education, Fayoum University is keen on attaining development of education in all levels in both the pre-university education and the higher education. All this is currently done with the aim of achieving a social human comprehensive and sustainable development of the Egyptian community in its communication with the Arab and foreign world.

Mission :

It is confined in constructing the concepts and unifying the procedures in order to create the educational specialists in all levels, in cooperation with the university faculties, ministry of education, public and private schools, and all other bodies concerned with education.

This vision rests upon the following:

1-education and instruction constitute a rapidly-changing profession
2-realizing that the role of the teacher has been changed from being an instructor to be a facilitator and manager of the educational process
3-cosidering the process of preparing a teacher having quality as the basis of the faculty's success in achieving its mission and achieving its objectives
4-Faculty of education, Fayoum University has a cultural social role greater than preparing teachers
5-education and instruction are the basis of the national security and faculties of education plays the maximum role in providing it.