Faculty Of Education

Faculty Council

Prof.Dr. Amal Goma Abdul-Fatah DEAN OF FACULTY 
Dr. Ola AbdElrehiem Ahmed Acting Vice-Dean for Education & Students
 Prof.Dr. Ahmed Ali Ibrahim Acting Vice Dean for Post-graduate Studies' Affairs
Prof.Dr. Abdel-Nasser Shrif Mohammed Acting Vice Dean for Community Service' Affairs
 Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Hafez Ahmad Acting Head of Grammar and ProsodyDepartment
 Prof.Dr.Youssef sayed Mahmoud Head of Education Fundamental Department
 Prof.Dr. Youssef Abdel-Moaty Mostafa Gohre Head of Educational Management Department
 Prof.Dr. Mohammed Abdel-tawab Abo Elnor Head of Mental Health Department
Prof.Dr. Madeeha Mohamad El-Ezaby Professor, Mental Health Department
 Prof.Dr. Mohamad Mohamad Skran Emeritus Professor, Education Fundamental Department
  Prof.Dr. Hosam El-Din Houssin Abdel Hamid Professor, Curricula and Teaching methods Department
 Dr. Mostafa Hafeda Soliman Head of Educational Psychology Department
 Dr. Fayez Mohammed Mansur Associate  Professor at Curricula and Teaching methods
  Dr. Ola AbdElrehiem Mohamed Lecturer of Education Fundamental Department
 Prof.Dr. Ahmed Taha Mohamad Emeritus Professor, Educational Psychology  Department
 Prof.Dr. Ibrahim Mohamed Ata Emeritus Professor, at Curricula and Teaching methods Department
 Prof.Dr. Morad Saleh Morad Emeritus Professor, of Education Fundamental Department