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28/4/2022 Discussion of a Master's Thesis Submitted by Researcher Hebah Muhammad Ahmed Youssef
28/4/2022 A Seminar for a Research Material and Discussion for the Researcher Amal Gamal Ramadan
16/01/2013 Salwa Mohammad Abdel Gawad defends her master's thesis on January 21st, 2013
15/01/2013 Hamada Ragab defends his PhD thesis on January 20th, 2013
07/11/2012 Seminar on Research-based Education
03/04/2012 Seminar on nanotechnology and its applications
12/04/2012 Alkher Fair at the Faculty of Agriculture
02/02/2012 Training Course in Nematology
04/12/2011 Salah S. Abdel Ghany, Doctoral Dissertation Defense
06/12/2011 Shimaa Attallah Salama, Master's Thesis Defense
11/12/2011 Master's thesis seminar for Abdel Satar G. Abdel Satar
07/12/2011 Shimaa Mohammad Hamdy, Doctoral Dissertation Defense
27/11/2011 Introductory Course in Bioinformatics
08/12/2012 Ideal Student Contest
27/11/2011 Admission to Graduate programs (New Window)
28/11/2011 Smart to organize recreational trips
28/11/2011 Master's thesis defense by Omar Abdel Tawab
17/10/2011 Nesrin Mohammad to defend her master’s thesis
14/11/20111 Ahmed Rabie to defend his master’s thesis
13/11/2011 “The role of youth in political participation” Seminar
05/10/2011 Electoral College Vote slated for Oct. 5
05/10/2011 List of candidates for the Electoral College
12/10/2011 Aliaa Abdullah to defend her master's thesis
29/09/2011 Eman Embaby to defend her doctoral dissertation
14/09/2011 Jihan Zainhom to defend her doctoral dissertation
04/09/2011 Hamada Fathy to defend his master's thesis
25/07/2011 Researcher Safia Mahmoud Abdel-Mageed to defend her Master thesis
10/07/2011 Researcher Mohammad Al-Sofy to defend his Master thesis
14/08/2011 Researcher Ehab Said Abdul Aziz to defend his master's thesis
11/08/2011 Admission Window for Graduate Studies Now Open
16/08/2011 Assignments of Field Training Course to be discussed July 11
01/11/2010 Seminar highlights climate change mitigation through afforestation