faculty of agriculture

Nermin Othman to defend her master's thesis

Start Date:   11 May 2014

Expired Date:   21 May 2014


The Faculty of Agriculture announces that Nermin Sayed Othman, a masters'-level student, will defend her master's thesis on Tuesday 20/5/2014 at the Hall of Water and Soils Department.

The thesis examination committee consists of: Prof. Fatma Ibrahim Al-Zamek, Professor of Agricultural Microbiology, Zagazig University; Prof. Salem Abdel Fattah Mahfouz, Professor of Agricultural Microbiology, Fayoum University; Prof. Khaled Mohamed Attallah, Professor and Chair of Agricultural Microbiology, Fayoum University; and Dr. Osama Abdel Tawab Saudi, Assistant Professor, Agricultural Microbiology, Faculty of Agriculture, Fayoum University.