Faculty and Leadership Development Center

Work Rules

We recommend the trainees and those responsible for them to follow the following instructions to ensure the optimal performance of the courses. We note that violating these instructions may result in the trainee not obtaining a certificate for completing the course, and he may be forced to repeat it.

1- Make sure to submit the application forms for joining the course early and no later than two days before the start of the course. No forms will be accepted in the morning of the session in any way.

2- Be sure to commit to attending the course at 100% and not to be absent for any excuse.

3- Signing the acknowledgment stating the pledge in item 2 above when submitting the enrollment form approved by the college to which the trainee belongs.

4- The list of attendance and departure will be available to sign each in his name and time of attendance (in his handwriting) for 15 minutes after the start of the first session. It will then be available to sign at the supervisors, knowing that this may result in not obtaining evidence of completion of the course.

5- He will not be allowed to leave before the second session is completely finished, and this also results in obtaining evidence of the completion of the session.

6- Commitment to the start and end dates of the training sessions and the start and end of the break period is an essential factor for the successful completion of the course.

7- The scheduled dates for the courses are from (9:30 am to 3:00 pm) and the break is from (12:00 - 12:30).

8- Continuously follow up on the center’s website to download some files that will be placed in the future (nomination form - approval - ..... etc.) and follow up on the dates of holding the courses. https://www.fayoum.edu.eg/Fldc

9- Each trainee will subsequently be required to submit a report to the center after (1 month - 3 months - 6 months - a year) from the completion of the course showing the extent of its impact on his work and the extent to which he benefited from it in performing his tasks and the work entrusted to him, knowing that these reports are not a condition To obtain an indication of the completion of the course, but it is one of the means of measuring the feasibility of these courses and to improve their content and ways of dealing with them.

10 - Be sure to evaluate the course and the trainers in a positive, realistic, honest and honest way, and it is not required to write the name of the trainee on the evaluation forms.

* May Allah guide us and you to what is good and always move forward and our doors are open to your suggestions and constructive criticism for the purpose of improvement and intonation, and we will work on studying it and implementing what contributes to achieving the goals of the center and the university