Faculty and Leadership Development Center

Center Description

Center background:
* The center is the most important mechanism in bringing about the process of developing and modernizing higher education in Egypt, as it focuses on the most important component of the educational process and we mean human resources in Egyptian universities and higher education institutions (faculty members and university leaders). * The center aims to bring about a qualitative leap in university education in Egypt: from traditional universities to modern universities that rise to the international level in terms of teaching methods, employing information technology, and enjoying a distinguished level of quality through human resources with professional and leadership capabilities that achieve development and adopt a continuous modernization program.

The following expressions shall have the meanings attached to each of them, unless the context of the text otherwise : Faculty and Leadership Development Center: It is one of the higher education development projects agreed upon in the loan agreement signed with the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development No. 4658 on April 23, 2002. It aims to improve the institutional and professional capabilities of higher education institutions through developing and modernizing the academic and leadership skills of human resources in these institutions.

Director of the Center (FLDC):
He is the director responsible for managing the accredited international center for developing the capabilities of faculty members and leaders and appointees in accordance with the decision of the Minister of Higher Education No. 2123

Higher Education Project Management Unit (PMU):
It is the unit affiliated to the Ministry of Higher Education and established in accordance with the Minister of Higher Education Resolution No. 300 dated 13/3/2003 to manage development projects financed by the World Bank loan.

University Development Projects Management Unit (UPMU):
It is the unit established in each of the Egyptian universities to manage its development projects.

Training Program :
A statement specifying details and mechanisms that meet a specific training need of knowledge, skills and trends (program title - objectives - participants - contents - duration - place - trainers - scientific material - budget - training methods - aids and necessary devices - evaluation forms - number of courses ... ......) Example: Effective Presentation Skills Program.

Training course :
One of the repetitions of the training program for different participants and on a specific date for the same training program content (the effective presentation program is repeated 6 times, 6 sessions at different times)