Faculty and Leadership Development Center


Within the framework of the national program for the modernization of the state, the higher education development projects in Egypt come, which were adopted and approved by the National Conference for the Development of Higher Education (2001). The Ministry of Higher Education is currently implementing six national projects, which are the most important in its priorities and most prominent in its contributions to the development and modernization of the higher education system in Egypt. These projects are:

1- The accredited international center for developing the capabilities of faculty members and leaders at Fayoum University.

2- A project to develop faculties of education.

3- ICT project.

4- Technological colleges development project.

5- Quality assurance and accreditation project.

6- Higher Education Development Projects Service Fund.

A unit has been established to manage development projects at the Ministry of Higher Education to plan, coordinate and follow up development activities in various projects that address the most important axes in the process of continuous development, and each university has also formed a unit to manage development projects provided that this unit is within the organizational structure of the university and follows the higher management of the university