Postgraduate Studies and Research Sector

Exams & Alumni

Exams and Graduates Department:
1- Revising the results of examinations coming from the faculties (diplomas, MA, PhD) in registries of register department and matching them with university laws and regulations then submitting them to the university council to be signed and picking out the faculties concerned with expressing approve.
2- reviewing, studying and submitting the list of judging committees who are responsible for judging the academic theses to be signed by Prof. Dr. vice-president for Postgraduate Studies and Research
3- Making registries about those who have obtained academic degrees.
4- informing Register Department with the enrolled students who have obtained academic degrees to be recorded in its files
5- Accrediting certificates given to the postgraduate student after comparing them with the results kept in the administration
6- Sending the abstracts of the academic theses whose owners obtained academic degrees to Research Monitoring to take what is necessary concerning printing and publishing them