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International cooperation has become an integral part of the university. This is reflected in all fields of the university activities. Participation in international academic life is an inevitable part of the university’s development, ensuring at the same time the quality and sustainability of research and higher education. This makes internationalization not a target in itself, but rather the means for developing academic quality in all the activities of the university. Moreover, there is a wider choice of international study programmes that the international student can have.
Fayoum University seeks to hold a position of competitiveness of higher education in the Middle East and in the rest of the world. To ensure this, among other things, exchange programmes and academic research programmes are arranged with foreign universities.

Internationalization of academic research and education has become a reality. It has continuously been evolving. The Fayoum University International Relations Office (FUIRO) is concerned with providing the highest quality of services, support and cooperation on international aspects for Fayoum University, in pursuit of international standardization.

International Relations Office seeks to initiate, implement, manage, advise and report on the University’s Agreements of Cooperation involving staff and student exchanges. It also gives advice to incoming and outgoing exchange students and staff on a variety of aspects involving their accommodation.
The International Relations Office is the pivot that supports the international activities of Fayoum University aspects in the following:
* Services to the students, instructors and staff of the university regarding international activities and relations.
* Promotion and support of the international activities in the University.
* A source of international academic information.
* Support the needs and requirements of incoming and outgoing students, international faculty and international staff
* Cooperation on international activities and collaboration with outside organizations, both domestic and foreign.
* Development and execution of the University internationalization strategy in line with the university’s vision and strategic goals.
* Arranging programs and meetings to enhance International dimension of the university

Strategic Goals
The principal task of the International Relations Office at Fayoum University is to coordinate and promote international cooperation at Fayoum University and to develop activities related to the internationalization of the university. The International Relations Office aims to

1. Provide information on international cooperation opportunities.
2. Advance cooperation with universities, international representations and organizations.
3. Coordinate joint activities with international institutions.
4. Counsel and coordinate the admission of international students.
5. Provide information on exchange programs at the level of students, graduates, post-graduates, and staff.
6. Help arrange visits by foreign guests and official delegations.
7. Offer help to manage partnership agreements.

1) The promotion of fundamental and applied research in all departments of all colleges of the University.
2) Research fund raising.
3) Establishing links with international funding organizations.
4) Establishing links with governmental funding organizations.
5) Liaison with industry.
6) Promoting publication in peer reviewed international journals.
7) Encouraging attendance of premier international conferences.

1) Office director
2) College coordinators


* International research and projects funding committee :
Discovering international funding opportunities and making them known to the University community.

* Egyptian research and projects funding committee :
Looking for Egyptian funding sources (governmental or industrial) and publicizing them within the University.

* International publication committee :
Establishing a reward system for publishing in international journals :

* Training committee :
Helping faculty members in writing research proposals and helping teaching assistants in preparing for standard tests (like the TOEFL and GRE).

* Conference committee:
Helping colleges in organizing workshops and conferences.

* Scholarship committee:
Establishing a system for offering scholarships to top ranking B.Sc. graduates to encourage them to pursue graduate study at the University of Fayoum.