Postgraduate Studies and Research Sector


Responsibilities of Academic Research Administration:
1-Proposing and executing the plans of academic research development and catering its requirements within the frame of the university's general policy and society's needs
2-Organizing the contributions of the faculty staff to academic research activities and providing the facilities required.
3-Developing organized relationships with academic research centers inside and outside the country, tackling the academic dilemmas with the foreign bodies and monitoring them according to the assigned outline
4-keeping in contact with the National UNESCO branch and other research-oriented Arab and international organizations Giving due attention to the academic publishing as follows:
*issuing a booklet containing records of published work arising from postgraduate research undertaken within the University, or within any other University as long as such work is, in the opinion of the Board, of particular relevance to postgraduate research in the University
*Giving permission to grant awards to the employees working in academic publishing committees after being reviewed and endorsed according to the Academic Council by-law
*Setting the budget of the academic research and the relative budget of researches

6-Setting the budget of MA and PhD rewards granted to the demonstrators and assistant lecturers as well as creating the best atmosphere for academic research, and rewarding them to encourage them exert their best efforts in academic research
7-Enhancing the scientific apparatuses used in teaching via preparing a comprehensive inventory of all scientific apparatuses found in each faculty or institute, particularly the priceless ones, and fixing the damaged ones
8-paying attention to the awards whether academic, international or national or the University Award for Scientific Research
9-Supervise the purchase and storage of labs equipment
** To achieve its burdens, the administration has departmentalized itself as follows:

Department of Research Affairs
It is concerned with locally and internationally-funded projects; it represents the finance bodies in academic cooperation agreements between the university and foreign universities, academic agencies, academic foreign organizations, the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology, and other local bodies.

Department of Academic Publishing Services:
It is incumbent upon this department to issue scientific papers, bulletins and journals, prepare a guidebook of abstracts of MA and PhD theses and create a booklet of abstracts of research undertaken within the University, or within any other University

Department of Financial Affairs :
It is charged with the activities of the general budget of research such as (research services – scientific equipment), rewards of preparing MAs and PhDs and other awards including international and scientific awards, national awards and the University Award for Scientific Research