Postgraduate Studies and Research Sector

Postgraduate Studies and Research

Board of Postgraduate Studies and Research
The General Administration is under the charge of Vice-President for Postgraduate Studies and Research. It encompasses the following departments:
* Department of Postgraduate Studies
* Department of Cultural Relations
* Department of Research
* Department of Central Library

Main Duties & Responsibilities
* Suggesting and implementing programs of postgraduate studies in university faculties.
* Overseeing the application of systems, rules and organizing laws of postgraduate studies at different faculties as well as providing technical support in order to achieve development, increase efficiency and overcome all problems.
* Improving the flow of scientific research, following-up its organizing rules, and making use of the resources devoted to the enhancement of scientific research.
* Organizing, managing and developing new bridges of cultural and scientific communication among university faculties and between the University and other scientific bodies.
* Offering scholarships abroad for demonstrators, assistant lecturers and researchers and activating the joint scientific and academic projects.
* Creating a research-oriented environment for faculty staff members who contribute to academic research in Arab and foreign universities.
* Producing a highly-specialized cadre of researchers, following-up their training and offering the required information to enhance the competence of those working at departments of postgraduate studies, research and cultural relations.
* Providing the concerned authorities, bodies and departments with data and information according to their needs.