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In the belief of Alexandria Library in its role in spreadingculture, scientific knowledge and the culture of dialogue and tolerance, the library extended its cultural arms to many governorates of Egypt through the "Embassies of Knowledge Initiative". On Monday, 15th June 2015, within the framework of cooperation between the Alexandria Library and the Egyptian universities, Embassy of Knowledge in Fayoum University was established. It aims to spread culture and knowledge provided by the library in various parts of Egypt.

• Many resources available in Alexandria Library are available to support Egyptian universities with knowledge, science and technology.
• Anyone who is allowed to enter the university campus or university libraries is allowed to enter the embassy free of charge.
• Embassies of Knowledge allow full reading of books on DARDigital Assets.

Activities and Services:

For further information and inquiries, please contact:

The Embassy of Knowledge in Fayoum University - Central Library

1- Mr. Osama Salah Al-Din

2- Mr. Mohamed Eid Youssef

And via email: