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Student Activities
Open Day for Students’ Activities
the October War through the Eyes of Youth
2nd Cultural Arts Festival
Course for Student Activities Coordinators
FU President Witnesses Closing Ceremony of Social Leader Training Camp
36th Universities Weightlifting Championship
Sports Day Festival at Fayoum University
Closing Ceremony of 3rd Short Plays Festival
3rd Fayoum University Kite Festival
Modern Sport at Fayoum University
FU Ranked Second in 1st EUEF
FU Participates in the 1st Egyptian Universities Olympiad
Closing Ceremony of Leader Training Camp
Final student activities festival 2007/2008
Theatre Festival at Fayoum University
35th Egyptian Universities Weightlifting Championship
2nd EUSF Sectors Tournament
2nd Fayoum University Kite Festival
1st Heritage Festival of Egyptian Universities
Hope Tournament
Student Unions Training Course
University League
Closing ceremony of Sports activities 
Helwan University Team achieves impressive results in weightlifting championship
Lake Qarun Beach Hosts First Kite Festival
Beach Game festival
Fayoum University participated in Egyptian Universities Youth week
Seminar highlights Sports Marketing
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